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PDS in the Pub

PDS in the Pub

PDS in the Pub is an informal research seminar for Presidents’ Doctoral Scholars at the University of Manchester. It is held every first Wednesday of the month from 17:30 until 19:30 upstairs at Kro Bar on Oxford Road.

Each month, two PDS award-holders—usually one from the humanities and one from the natural sciences—give a brief presentation about their research followed by a short question and answer session. Drinks and nibbles are provided.

Attendance is open to all PDS award holders and there is no need to book. If you are a PDS scholar and would like to come and present your research please send an email to the organising team. They can be contacted at

List of past presenters


Peter Bogdan (School of Computer Science) Towards simulating post-developmental neurogenesis on massively parallel neuromorphic hardware.

Eyong Egbe (Faculty of Life Science): Engineering phosphoinositide-substrate specificity into Low Molecular Weight Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase (LMWPTP) by computational and structure-guided rational design

Matthew Rosser (Manchester Pharmacy School): Fats and inflammation: linking fatty acids to chronic disease

Eyob Balcha Gebremariam (School of Environment Education and Development) The politics of developmentalism, citizenship and urban youth in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Ezana Haddis (School of Environment, Education and Development)

Johannes Lotze (School of Arts, Languages and Cultures)

Juan Manuel del Nido (School of Social Sciences): UBER: electromagnetism, jurisdictions and non-sharing economy

Amrita (School of Physics and Astronomy): Fluid flow in nano-capiliaries

Isabelle Butcher (Division of Psychology and Mental Health)

Robert Brocklehurst Breathing Life into Dinosaurs

Anna Beukenhorst (Arthritis Research UK Centre for Epidemiology): Data science in healthcare: improving doctors’ best guess with Facebook and smart watches

Rachel Hurley (School of Environment, Education and Development): Microplastics in Manchester

Adil Shah (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) A motivation to quantify specific methane fluxes on a local scale

Marcus Giansiracusa (School of Chemistry) Nano-magnets: Tiny concept, huge potential

George Madders (School of Cardiovascular Sciences) Don't stop the beat; Atrial alternans and cardiac arrhythmias

Philip Arathoon (School of Mathematics)

Alexey Bodrov (School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Ciara Stafford: Know your monkey: Primate conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Leopoldo Machado (Faculty of Sciece and Engineering, MIB). From plant biomass to chemicals: developing synthetic biology tools for lignin bioconversion

Callum Thompson (Center for Atmospheric Science): Dispelling Misconceptions about Inertial Instability

Chun-Ren Ke (School of Physics and Astronomy)

Amritha Janardan (School of Physics and Astronomy)

Naomi-Ellen Speechley (School of Law).

Peter Bogdan (School of Computer Science): Simulating post-developmental neurogenesis on massively parallel, neuromorphic hardware

Andrew Spencer (C-H Bond Activation, a Future Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry?)

Quint Hoekstra (School of Social Sciences) State Support for Rebel Groups: A Blessing or a Curse?

Lise Elliott (Manchester Business School) - Nurses, naps and not enough toilet stops


Jolanta Shields (School of Social Sciences): The role of alternative providers in delivering healthcare in the English NHS

Priscilla Kim (School of Social Sciences): Where are you from? - the construction of national identity

Kate Pruce (School of Environment, Education and Development): The politics of social protection in Zambia

Rachel Hurley (School of Environment, Education and Development)

Anna Neufeld (Manchester Business School): Signalling value of private debt renegotiation

Marcin Michalski (Manchester Business School)

Amy Mathieson (FMHS - School of Nursing) Support for Family Carers

Donna Littlewood (School of Psychological Sciences): Ask For Evidence - Helping the public to judge the evidence behind newspaper headlines

Rhys Archer (School of Materials): Social responsibility: Working with young people during the PhD

Emma Simpson (Centre of Atmospheric Science): How to make a cloud

Lisa Heaney (School of Pharmacy): (Neuro)science stand up

Ritse Erumi (School of Environment, Education and Development): Inclusive Innovation: Considering the Role of Innovation in Global Development

Matthew Rosser (Manchester Pharmacy School): The enigma of endometriosis

Callum Thompson (School of Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences): How does inertial instability favour convection?

Henry Jones (Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies): Wikipedia, Translation and the City

Siddharth Krishnan (Faculty of Life Sciences): Understanding the Systemic immune consequences of stroke and its impact on susceptibility to infections

Joanna Parkes (Faculty of Life Sciences): MicroRNAs in Myositis

Philip Arathoon (School of Mathematics)

Rakesh Kumar (School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering): Graphene based Biosensor for cardiac protein detection.


Jacqueline Austin: Jobs by degrees: Learn more and earn more?

Parmesh Gajjar: Self-organizing properties of granular flows

Johannes Lotze: Speaking the Languages of the Khan

Rosalia Soria-Luz: Electroacoustic Music: State Space Composition

Alicia J. Rouverol (Centre for New Writing), ‘The Narrative Now: A Study of the Use of Time in Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad and Ali Smith’s The Accidental’

Miriam Jakel (Drama): "Youth performing networks beyond community borders"

Volha Arkhipenka (Education): A Narrative Exploration of MA TESOL Participants’ Professional Development

Naomi Billingsley (Religions and Theology): How to read a picture: an example by William Blake in the Whitworth Art Gallery

Joseph Thomlinson (Law): ‘Units of Legal Information’

Juan M del Nido (Social Anthropology): The Anthropology of Charisma

Antony Lockley & Michael Potter (History): A Nation Transformed? Historicising Post-War Britain

Eyob Balcha Gebremariam (Brooks World Poverty Institute): Politics of Youth Citizenship in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Diana Aznakayeva (School of Physics and Astronomy): Graphene light matter interaction

Alex Hall: Implementation of technology in care homes

Jan Gryta: Town planning, memory, and kitch: how to look for collective memory in the cityscape

Chunmien Chang: An Affordable, Effective, and Universal Vaccine for Meningitidis?

Emma Radcliffe: Heart Failure: A Nervous Approach

Deepanshu Srivastava: Electricity from wasted heat

Elis Damasceno Silva (Faculty of Life Sciences): Is evolution really happening? A proof from St. Kildan sheep

Shaun Kandathil (Faculty of Life Sciences): Predicting protein structure is hard. Why bother and how do we do it?

Jevgenijs Kitajevs

Claude Bajada (School of Psychological Sciences): Neural Cartography

Thomas Bleazard (Institute of Population Health): Simulations for the null hypothesis

Lynn Foster (School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences): Microorganisms and their ability to survive in extreme environments

Scott Wilcockson (Faculty of Life Sciences): Stem Cell Identity - Understanding how a stem cell, stays a stem cell

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