Successful PDS Award candidates will receive funding for their doctoral studies as well as an additional £1000 enhancement to their stipend.

In terms of the total value of the award this will vary depending on the candidate and discipline area. Students in receipt of a PDS Award may be funded via multiple routes including local school funds, industry, charities and also self funding.

Other Sources of University Funding

In addition the the PDS Award the University has a variety of opportunities available to assist you in compiling a funding package for your research degree at the University of Manchester.

To search the wide range of studentships offered by the University (including its Schools) visit our funding opportunities database.

Alternative funding sources

Charities, foundations and trusts provide a range of alternative funding for postgraduate research, including studentships, scholarships, bursaries, competitions and prizes.

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding is an online resource that provides a comprehensive overview of how to find and apply to alternative sources of funding, particularly charities, that make awards to current and prospective postgraduate students.

The online guide contains a huge database of funding opportunities, comprehensive guidance and numerous tools to help you prepare a winning application.